Why Cologne?

Cologne is perfect for students:

Cologne is a famous student city with a cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere. “Colonia Claudia Agrippinensum” was found by the romans and can look back on a 2000 year old history of culture and architecture. The more or less one million inhabitants from 180 nations form a unique and welcoming city, which is easy to get to know, feel comfortable in and get around, especially with a bike.

Cologne offers all advantages of a big city – culture, entertainment, good public transport, international shops and facilities, history and heritage but you’ll never feel lost, because it has retained its clarity, a lot of small nice cafes, pubs and green parks to relax.

With 13 state and private Colleges and Universities, Cologne is with about 60 000 students one of the biggest student cities in Germany.

The University of Cologne is imbedded in a nice and save neighborhood, not far away from the city centre.

A bit of history:

Founded in 1388 by the City Council with the approval of the pope Urban lV the University was open until the French revolutionary army closed it in 1798 during their occupation of the westbank of the river rhine. When the Kingdom of Prussia took over the Rhineland after the Vienna Congress in 1815 the government saw no need for a University at Cologne with its great Catholic tradition in a kingdom headed by the protestant Hohenzollern dynasty.

However in 1919 Konrad Adenauer, then major of the city of Cologne, and other renowned citizens refounded the "Universität zu Köln" which it happened to be until 1954 when it became a State University.